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We are all God’s Beloved. Come- let us journey together.



At its core, Zion Episcopal Church in Palmyra is a loving, inclusive, and active congregation. We are passionate about welcoming and embracing the diversity of everyone in our community.  In accordance with the word of Jesus Christ, we seek to increase spiritual growth within and outside our walls and tend to all we meet and anyone in need as we promote the love of Christ.


We strive to provide opportunities for Christian Education for all ages. We celebrate the gifts we have to offer as a parish and the gifts of everyone who walks through our doors. Using these gifts, we help people move forward with where they are in their personal journeys.


We utilize our visible campus in the Village of Palmyra to enhance and add to our mission as a welcoming source of God’s call to bring people together.  Community Dinners, Grace House, Food Pantry, an Outdoor Labyrinth Meditation Area, and HeadStart, along with support for local community ministries will continue to breathe new life into a hurting world.


We strive to remain a stable, sustainable Episcopal Church in our diocese, by building on our foundation with our current parishioners and creating new steadfast followers of Christ.


Our church is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester. For more information about the Episcopal Church visit


If you want more information about Zion, our worship, events, and traditions, please contact us! We would love to chat! 

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